Fall 2014 Tea


Like your changing wardrobe and mood, August Uncommon Tea’s Fall Collection is designed to move with you throughout the day and the season. Fall is a transition from the intense, vibrant days of summer to softening air, rich colors and textures. These teas capture the essence of Indian summer nights in Biarritz’s velvety almond liqueur, and fading fires on the beach in Castalia. They’re perfect company on crisp mornings along the Georgia coastline with Low Country’s bourbony burnt sugar. The nutty dark French chocolate of Passage du Désir envelops you like a cashmere sweater. They enrich afternoons through the subtle grace of Combray’s vanilla and cardamom-laden aroma.

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Low Country - strong black tea with bourbon and burn sugar notes
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Passage du Désir - rich black tea with chili and chocolate
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Combray - creamy organic green tea with vanilla and cardamom
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Castalia - aged taiwanese oolong with natural toasted coconut aroma
Biarritz - velvety rooibos with amaretto and orange blossom. caffeine free.
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