Fall Winter 2015 Tea

This season lures you into deep intimate interiors. With cocoa and pumpernickel, Leatherbound seats you in a well-worn library armchair surrounded by classics. Mood Indigo’s smoky amaro orange hums the low sultry tune of a Harlem speakeasy. Nighthawks walks through fall with the scent of dry leaves, earth and rose petals under foot. Veins of Gold invites you to a Christmas market, warming you with twinkling lights, and milk chocolate and nutmeg. When it’s time for a winter holiday, Tropic of Capricorn whisks you away to Brazil with a dance of melon and eucalyptus.

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Leatherbound - rich organic black tea with dark cocoa and caraway
Mood Indigo - smoky black tea with orange, vanilla and amaro notes
Tropic of Capricorn - aromatic green tea with eucalyptus and dragonfruit
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Nighthawks - organic darjeeling style black tea from nepal
Veins of Gold - creamy rooibos with chocolate and nutmeg. caffeine free.
Fall/Winter 2015 Collection
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Fall/Winter 2015 Collection
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