Under the Willow


Bright green Japanese sencha tea

Tastes Like: sweet alfalfa, almond, mâche
Feels Like: the gentle hum of cicadas in the afternoon

We just received a new crop of this wonderful single-origin Japanese green tea. This is a sencha Americans will love. This one is sweet and delicate, unlike many senchas. It has a marvelous bright green color. With each sip, you feel a rejuvenating, cooling sensation. As an iced tea, it is even sweeter, milder and more refreshing. Grown in Chiran, Japan, this first flush tea was grown near the Sakurajima volcano in mild, fertile soil. Villages have been growing tea in this area since around 1872.

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    • Vegan
    • Gluten free
    • Non GMO

    pure first flush sencha tea from chiran, kagoshima, japan

    Net weights
    4 cup deluxe sample: 14g
    15 cup bag: 50g
    70 cup bag: 250g
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