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Herbal Teas

All the flavor, none of the caffeine

Creative herbal teas that go beyond plain mint and chamomile. Bold flavor, amazing ingredients, and only original blends. Want to know more about herbal tea?

What is Herbal Tea?

Infusions of flowers, spices and herbs in hot water are often called herbal teas despite the fact that they do not contain tea leaves or any part of the camellia sinensis plant.

Is Herbal Tea actually Tea?

In Europe and other parts of the world, drinks made without camellia sinensis are not considered tea. Traditionally, these water-infused drinks are medicinal, and are called infusions or tisanes after the Greek word ptisanē, meaning peeled barley, one of the oldest herbal “teas.”

OurCult of Demeter herbal blend is inspired by this ancient barley beverage, which was an important part of religious ceremonies.

Rooibos is a red bush plant that is sometimes called tea, but does not have any tea leaves from the camellia sinensis shrub. Likewise, mate is a plant native to Paraguay that is sometimes called tea but does not have tea leave from the camellia sinensis shrub.

What are the health benefits of herbal teas?

  • Fennel and aniseed improve digestion and promote lactation
  • Clove eases indigestion, reduces congestion, and improves dental and oral health
  • Lemon verbena promotes calm and sleep, improves digestion and muscle pain, and supports respiratory function
  • Barley reduces cholesterol and improves blood sugar control
  • Chamomile reduces stress, alleviates menstrual pain, and improves relaxation and sleep
  • Rooibos improves blood pressure and circulation, improves cholesterol, strengthens hair and skin, and offers relief from seasonal allergies
  • Peppermint improves digestion, eases headaches and motion sickness
  • Ginger improves digestion, eases morning sickness, and helps relieve joint pain
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