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Low Country - strong black tea with bourbon and burn sugar notes
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Passage du Désir - rich black tea with chili and chocolate
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Combray - creamy organic green tea with vanilla and cardamom
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Castalia - aged taiwanese oolong with natural toasted coconut aroma
Biarritz - velvety rooibos with amaretto and orange blossom. caffeine free.
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Civil Disobedience - robust black tea with cardamom and tobacco notes
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Painted Desert - crisp black tea with chili and chocolate
Staring at the Sea - japanese green tea with rich barley
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The Settlement - anhui province yellow tea with peanut aroma
Cult of Demeter - silky organic barley with cocoa shell and anise. caffeine free.
Cocteau - intricate rooibos and honeybush with vanilla, grapefruit and mint. caffeine free.
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Dolomite - floral green tea with almond notes
Jet Black - rich black tea with roasted maté and espresso bean
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Midnight in the Garden - delicate white pu’erh tea
A Field in Innsbruck - herbaceous black tea with juniper and thyme
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