Flower of My Secret


Organic black tea with rose, cocoa and clove

The potent aroma of clove and rose twirl in the air. Cocoa provides an earthy base note, and lends balance to the spicy floral scent. The trio of floral, sweet spice and rich cocoa continue to alternate in each sip. Clove lingers in the finish. Milk amplifies the rose flavor and mutes the sharpness of clove. This is a bold tea to start your day. It’s a gorgeous tea to upgrade an afternoon sweet.

A tea for lovers of clove and roses.

INGREDIENTS: ftgfop organic darjeeling indian tea blend, organic cacao shell, organic clove, natural flavoring
Certified organic by Lacon GmbH

TASTES LIKE: rose, clove, bittersweet chocolate
FEELS LIKE: romance in madrid


Net weight: 14g 4 cup deluxe sample  •  50g 15 cup bag  •  250g 70 cup bag

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