In the Mood for Love


Black tea from fujian province with chocolate notes

This tea is superbly rich and malty with an extraordinary dark chocolate flavor and an ultra smooth finish. It makes an excellent breakfast tea sure to please lovers of English Breakfast tea. Its aroma and mouthfeel are dark, moody and seductive. With milk (and your eyes closed) you might just mistake it for hot chocolate.

INGREDIENTS: pure black jin hou tea tea from fujian province, china
*70 cup bag ingredients: pure black keemun mao feng tea from anhui province, china

TASTES LIKE: dark chocolate, malt, cherrywood
FEELS LIKE:  restless hearts on a dark, rainy night


Net weight: 14g deluxe sample  •  50g 15 cup bag  •  90g 26 cup tin  •  250g 70 cup bag

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