Temperature Control Kettle by KitchenAid

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End bitter tea with an ultra-precise kettle that gives you control over water temperature, the most crucial factor in one-cup brewing. We tested out all of the temperature control kettles and found the KitchenAid KEK1722 to be the very best. It's sleek and simple enough to transform anyone into a tea master.

The kettle heats water quickly to your choice of four preset tea temperatures

158°F / 70°C delicate green and white teas
176°F / 80°C most green teas
194°F / 90°C oolong teas
212°F / 100°C black teas and tisanes

It's easy to toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit and you can see the exact water temperature as it's rising or cooling. An alarm lets you know when your selected temperature has been reached.

Available in black, white or stainless steel

Holds 1.7 liter water - about five 10oz-cups of tea


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