5 Reasons we're not just another tea company


1: We don’t do conventional flavors.

We don't think the world needs another earl grey. Our seasonal blends are uniquely ours. They are totally new and fantastic flavor experiences. They bring the thrill of pastry, perfume, tobacco, cocktails, earthly and heavenly concoctions into tea.



2: Our tea is too good for tea bags.

Teabags have their place, but they often hide low-quality tea. Ours have only the best ingredients, blended in Germany by master tea blenders. Our tea has ingredients you can see. And we'll show you how to brew loose tea in style.



3: Design is in everything we make.

This means our tools and packaging are not just attractive, they’re also functional. Every detail has been accounted for, from proper storage, to clear directions, to ergonomics.



4: We want to empower and excite people

Tea has been in the shadow of other beverages because it's been mired in tradition. We want to reinvent tea for a new generation. We aim to give people such an extraordinary tea experience, they’ll feel like they’re trying it for the very first time.



5: We’re looking towards the future

Not content to do things the old-fashioned way, we're creating our own path. We release completely original blends twice a year. Our brewing is inspired by precision technology. And we're always coming up with something new. Follow us on Instagram and subscribe to our email list to stay in the loop.