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Golden Arrow

elegant black tea with burnt toffee notes


This is an elegant yet potent blend of black teas with burnt toffee notes. With milk it takes on a fantastic crème brûlée flavor. As an iced tea, it will make you do a double-take. It’s an unconventional twist on a classic iced tea.

Dots and Loops

bright black tea with green apple and fennel


This is a crisp black tea blend made by marrying mild black tea, tart green apple, and herbaceous fennel. Milk brings out its natural sweetness. It makes a super refreshing iced tea, and an exciting tea latte.

Good Humor

smooth green tea with fig and lemon


This effervescent, sweet-smelling tea is as delightful to look at as it is to drink. It’s a chinese sencha base with figs, lemon peel, lemon myrtle, marigold, sunflower and rose petals. It makes an extraordinary iced tea, perfect for summer picnics, barbecues and outdoor cocktails. Fans of our sold-out Tropic of Capricorn will love this one.

Under the Willow

japanese green tamaryokucha tea


We finally found a Japanese sencha that Americans will love. This one is sweet and delicate, unlike many senchas. It has a marvelous bright green color. With each sip, you feel a rejuvenating, cooling sensation. As an iced tea, it is even sweeter, milder and more refreshing.


honeydew melon fruit tea with mint. caffeine free.


We’re excited to present our first fruit tea. Throughout Europe, teas made of dried fruit are well loved yet have been missing from American tea culture until now. Capri is a flavorful, cooling blend of fruits and peppermint, with a rich honeydew melon flavor. When it’s iced, it’s the perfect beverage for a hot day. Hot, it’s excellent after dinner or to wind down the day.

Why we created August Uncommon Tea

August was borne out of profound frustration. We were disappointed with nearly all the tea we had tasted in America and we knew it could be better. We recognized a fascinating culinary challenge.

At the time, Gina was teaching cultural history while exploring her lifelong passion for the sense of smell, and Aaron was working in avant-garde product design, so we partnered to create something that was both imaginative and epicurean.

Now, we are shaking things up, disrupting the status quo, and asking people to question their assumptions about tea. We’re working to make tea extraordinary.

Thank you for being part of the adventure.

— Gina Zupsich & Aaron Shinn

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