Shouldn't your tea be mindblowing?

You have tasted it all. You drink local craft beer. Your juice is cold-pressed. You’re into real Italian pizza. Your ice cream is small batch. You’ve had a cocktail that’s ‘barrel aged’. Your water is fruit infused. But your tea? Do you even drink tea?

If you’ve only had bad tea, it’s not your fault. You probably haven’t had August Uncommon Tea.

You need to try August Uncommon Tea because:

1. You're bored of Earl Grey

We promise you’ve never tasted anything like the blends we dream up. Our tea blends are created to push the boundaries of flavor. How about a spicy black tea with tobacco and pineapple notes? Or a rhubarb chamomile lemon verbena blend? Or an organic green oolong from Thailand? We have five new teas each season so you’ll never run out of new things to taste.

2. You know tea bags are gross

And they hide bad tea. You don’t want to drink bad tea. Our teas come loose so you can see and smell how amazing our ingredients are. Brewing loose tea is a way to bring more pleasure into your home or work. Brewing our tea is so simple, you can make any tea in 5 minutes.

3. You believe you get what you pay for

It makes sense to pay a little bit more for something that tastes a whole lot better. Our goal is to help you make great-tasting tea: from beautiful, excellent quality ingredients to modern packaging that preserves their freshness. It’s just better.

Drink something different.
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