Upgrade Your Tea Game

Upgrade your tea game with August Uncommon Tea

Let’s face it, tea usually isn’t that exciting.

You see the same old Earl Grey, English Breakfast and Tropical Green tea everywhere. Even in fancy restaurants, you order tea and get a pot of lukewarm water with a tea bag plopped on the side. You shouldn’t have to put up with weak, boring tea. Now we’ve got something better. Way better.


The August Uncommon Starter KitHere’s how we're redefining tea time:

First: We created our own contemporary tea blends from scratch. You’ve never tasted tea like this before.

Second: We created the perfect loose tea brewing method, so you can brew any tea in five minutes.

Third: We put all the essentials into a starter kit that will upgrade your tea game in one step.

Introducing the August Uncommon Tea Starter Kit.

Now available for $39


what's inside

With each kit, you’ll get:

  • deluxe samples of 5 exciting new tea blends (20 cups of tea total)
  • our simple, modern tea infuser that fits any mug or teapot
  • a measuring scoop
  • a guide for make the best-tasting loose tea, hot or chilled. Even tea cocktails!
  • free priority shipping in the United States

Save $5 on the August Uncommon Tea Starter Kit