Cult of Demeter 900g bulk bag


silky organic barley with cocoa shell and anise. caffeine free.

Tastes Like:??biscotti, aniseed, cocoa butter, toasted barley
Feels Like:??golden grain harvest??

Divine comfort in the dark hours of winter. Inspired by the original barley tisane kykeon, the ritual drink of devotees of the Greek goddess Demeter, this tea delivers satin texture and creamy flavor. Nutty roasted barley and malt are subtly scented with herbaceous sweet aniseed and roasted cacao shell. Sacred grain and spice for mortals and gods.

Ingredients: organic german barley malt, organic egyptian anise, organic cocoa husk
100g bag =??29 cups of tea ??? Retail $29
500g magnum??= 142??cups of tea ??? Retail $139
Contains gluten from barley malt
This is a??TISANE??blend
Taste matters. Brew with a one-cup infuser for excellent tasting tea.

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