Leatherbound bulk 900g bag

Tastes Like:??buttered pumpernickel, molasses, semisweet chocolate, guinness
Feels Like:??morning in an old library

Dark wooden walls shoulder the weight of endless rows of well-loved books. The brooding tannins and rich, buttery aroma of this tea mimic the inviting yet austere atmosphere of an old library. Hints of cocoa and sweet almond enliven the mix like the occasional contemporary novel whose glossy cover puts the leatherbound classics into relief. A drop of milk tips the flavor towards a dark creamy stout. Like sinking into a crackled leather club chair to ponder the pages between your hands.

Ingredients: organic GFBOP assam tea, organic cacao shell, organic caraway, flavoring

120g tin??= 34??cups of tea
14g deluxe sample??= 4??cups of tea
This is a??RAW POWER??blend
Taste matters. Brew with a one-cup infuser for great??tea.
Mood image by flickr user jemartin03

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