Midnight in the Garden - delicate white pu’erh tea

Tastes Like: white nectarine, sweet hay, oats, wet limestone
Feels Like: subtle play of light and shadow


This tea is a very special pu’erh tea. Most pu'erhs are shaped into disks and dried and fermented, which creates the characteristic dark leaves and earthy, pungent aroma. Midnight in the Garden is gently processed under moonlight as close to the full moon as possible. Then it is finished in a dark room to preserve the light oxidization which gives it a light fruity aroma. In a dark container, this tea will continue to slowly ferment over a long period of time.

Ingredients: yunnan white pu’erh tea

30g tin = 10 cups of tea 
120g magnum = 66 cups of tea
10g deluxe sample = SOLD OUT
Optimal flavor at first and second infusions
This is a RARE & PURE blend
Taste matters. Brew with a one-cup infuser for excellent tasting tea.
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