Nighthawks - organic darjeeling style black tea from nepal

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Tastes Like: dark oak, dried roses, red bordeaux
Feels Like: a fall romance

Dusk coaxes the flickering illumination of antique street lamps through a canopy of mature oak trees. Through the leaves, the light has a rusty glow. The wind ushers leaves along the pavement that crunch with each step. This tea opens with an earthy aroma of dried roses and oak leaves. It is mellow and slightly tannic with hints of dry red wine, distinctive of the darjeeling style, that linger in the finish. Brownstone buildings release warm summer air that flirts with the cooling night sky. The scents and sounds of Autumn swirl about you.

Ingredients: organic kanchan gold black tea from pathivara tea estate, panchthar, nepal

75g tin makes 25 cups of tea
14g deluxe sample make 4 cups of tea

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