Skylark - organic green sencha tea with forest strawberry and silver linden

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Tastes Like: forest strawberry, tangerine pulp, anjou pear
Feels Like: shelley’s poetry

"A poem needs understanding through the senses," explains romantic poet John Keats

Spend an afternoon with a picnic among flora and fauna in the English countryside. The dewy wildflowers and lush green tapestry provide softly beautiful decor. This tea opens with mouth-watering aroma of ripe tangerine. Next, the first sip adds juicy sweet strawberry. In the finish, vibrant floral and grassy notes recall barely ripe pear and linden blossoms. Soft, shrill voices of birds glide through the air, heralding the reawakening of Spring.          

Like a rose embower'd
In its own green leaves,
By warm winds deflower'd,
Till the scent it gives
Makes faint with too much sweet those heavy-winged thieves:

Sound of vernal showers
On the twinkling grass,
Rain-awaken'd flowers,
All that ever was
Joyous, and clear, and fresh, thy music doth surpass.

"To a Skylark," Percy B Shelley

A tea for romantic mornings and idyllic afternoons.

Ingredients: japanese sencha, chinese sencha, silver linden blossom, orange peel, forest strawberry, strawberry leaves, thyme, flavoring

*certified organic by Lacon GmbH

80g tin makes 23 cups of tea
14g deluxe sample make 4 cups of tea

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