Tropic of Capricorn 100g tin

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Tastes Like: muscat melon, eucalyptus leaves, fresh-cut pine
Feels Like: winter holiday in brazil

The dreamy landscape of Brazil’s coastline is already seductive from the sky. Against the turquoise waters, emerald gardens and forests parade fruits with equally surreal forms and flavors. In the first sip, you taste syrupy sweet melon. Soon it’s balanced by the subtle pine notes of eucalyptus leaves and tartness of lemongrass and rosehip. The finish is smoothed by airy dragonfruit. A strange and wonderful winter paradise lies just beyond the equator.

Ingredients: zhejiang sencha tea, chilean rosehip shells, eucalyptus leaves, lemongrass, melon, thai dragonfruit, flavoring

100g tin = 29 cups of tea
14g deluxe sample = 4 cups of tea
This is a DESIGNER GREEN blend
Taste matters. Brew with a one-cup infuser for great tea. 
Mood image by flickr user Alexander Martins Rodrigues

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