Silent Night


Chocolate nutmeg rooibos

Tastes Like: chocolate ganache, nutmeg, shortbread
Feels Like: christmas night market

Inspired by the Christmas night market. Nighttime transforms the Christmas market into a wonderland. Strings of golden lights weave through the stalls. Toys, decorations, candies, and cakes twinkle like jewels. This tea captures the milk chocolate and nutmeg flavors of European winter treats. Rooibos provides a nutty base for the buttery cocoa flavor. Milk turns up a natural creamy sweetness, reminiscent of eggnog. A little sweetener makes it a decadent dessert. This gentle aromatic tea is perfect for winter nights.

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    • Caffeine Free
    • Gluten Free
    • Vegan
    • Non GMO

    south african rooibos, cacao shell, south african honeybush, indian nutmeg, marigold flowers, flavoring

    Net weights
    4 cup deluxe sample: 14g
    15 cup bag: 50g
    70 cup bag: 250g
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