Rich black tea with hazelnut and chocolate

Early morning in Paris rewards you with rich aromas from winding cobblestone streets. You find yourself in the quaint Passage du Désir, one of those dreamy tiny streets that was once a covered arcade. (Arcades are called passages in French). A steamy gust of croissants and sugared brioche hits your nose. Moments later, you smell molten chocolate from the chocolatier being dripped into fantastical shapes. The dense, chocolaty flavor of this tea will engulf your senses. Another sip brings a thick blast of roasting nuts. Milk takes this tea into decadent territory. Prepare for a luxurious breakfast experience. 

INGREDIENTS: black tea, cocoa husk, hazelnut brittle pieces, cocoa beans, flavoring


TASTES LIKE: nutella, french chocolate, roasted chestnuts, dark rum
FEELS LIKE: secret pleasures from the streets of paris


Net weight: 14g deluxe sample  •  50g 15-cup bag • 250g 70-cup bag

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Passage Black Tea Chocolate Hot Toddy

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