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Perfect Your Iced Tea Game in 3 Simple Moves

Forget about cold brew. It's great for coffee but unnecessarily fussy when it comes to iced tea. Follow these 3 simple steps for delicious flavor-packed iced tea every time.

1. Hot Brew Tea

Take your favorite tea and brew it hot for 5 minutes.  Hot brewing extracts the best flavor. Use one-cup brewing for best results.

2. Pop It In The Fridge

Unlike coffee, tea flavor doesn't taste funky when you chill it. 

3. Make it Fancy

Get creative. Ice, citrus twist, a splash of bourbon. Why not? 
Try chilling any August Uncommon teas for a wild and wonderful iced tea. Chill Painted Desert spicy black tea with chili and cocoa (pictured below) and add a splash of milk for Mexican Chocolate iced tea. Mmmmmmm