How much tea is enough?

What’s weak tea for you may be perfect for someone else

A pinch or a pound? A teaspoon or a tablespoon? How strong do you like your tea? 

We've all had tea that's weak and watery or way too strong to drink. The issue may lie in the ratio of tea leaves to water.

At August we recommend the following ratio for tea to water. This is based on what tastes good to us, and what we've found suits most people. However, no one but you can say how strong tea should be for you. Here's how to get your tea to be just the right strength.

All measurements are not equal

Measure by weight not by volume

Different teas have different volumes. As you can see in the image above of a Dark Pearl Oolong, Low Country black tea and Biarritz rooibos blend, the volume of 3.5 grams of tea varies a lot. The best way to brew consistently is to weigh the tea leaves. 

Do a side-by-side taste test to experience the difference in tea strength

Measure one scoop of the tea into one infuser. Measure a half a scoop into another mug. Brew both at the recommended temperature for 5 minutes. You should definitely be able to taste the difference in strength. Which do you prefer?

How to get the perfect strength tea

We like our tea bold, so we start with 3.5g or about a tablespoon of tea to every 10 ounces of water. If that tastes great to you, awesome! If the finished tea is too strong, use 0.5g or a half a scoop less. If it's too weak, add 0.5g of tea or another half scoop. Keep experimenting with .5 gram increments and you'll find the perfect ratio to suit your taste. 

How do you brew?

We love hearing about your tea rituals, brewing techniques and experiences. Share your stories and tips with us at Got photos or videos of how you brew? Tag us with @AugustUncommon on Instagram.


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