What is your water type?

What is your water type?

Half of tea flavor is water. It's not just the quality of tea you use that matters, it's also the quality of the water you use. One of the biggest problems  we've encountered is tea that tastes weak or bitter. The culprit is most often reverse osmosis water, or distilled water. Why is that? Well, tea flavor is made of the plant bonding with minerals in the water. If there aren't minerals to bond with, there won't be much flavor.

You may not know that the water in your tap is filtered or reverse osmosis. This is because some buildings have a water filtration system, Some towns use reverse-osmosis processing at their regional water plant.

For the best, brightest tea flavor, we recommend using bottled spring water. Filtered water, and in many case tap water, also make great tea. Another thing to be aware of is any residue on your tea mug or cup. Strongly perfumed dish detergent will leave its scent behind on mugs, cups, and pots.

Taste the difference for yourself:
Set up a side-by-side taste test. Using the same amount of the same tea, at same water temperature brew one mug with distilled water (Smartwater) or reverse osmosis water (Dasani) and the other mug with spring water or tap water if you're sure it's not filtered.

How do you brew?

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