Frequently Asked Questions

What is special about August?

August is designed to please all five senses. Our tea has wild and intense flavors you might not expect in tea. It has beautiful, natural ingredients you can see, touch, smell and taste. Alongside tasting notes, you'll find mood notes inspired by art, music, cinema and natural landscapes. Our brewing method is designed to maximize flavor and help you create your own modern ritual for every tea.

Where does your tea come from?

Our tea is ethically sourced from tea-producing countries all over Asia and Africa. It’s blended to our specifications in Germany by a company that has been producing and sourcing tea for over a hundred and fifty years and follows the most stringent quality standards available. All our blends are original and available nowhere else.

Why don’t you offer traditional blends like English Breakfast and Earl Grey?

There are so many great versions of classic tea blends available everywhere. We want to surprise and stimulate our customers' senses with new flavor experiences. We want to create new taste sensations, not something you’ve tasted before.

What’s the best way to make loose tea?

We created a simple brewing system we call One-cup Brewing. At the center of the system is the one-cup infuser, which is cleaner, easier to use, and better tasting than other brewing methods. Follow our step-by-step guide to learn how.

How much caffeine is in tea?

There is roughly one third the amount of caffeine in a cup of tea as the same size cup of drip coffee. It’s hard to know exact quantities of caffeine cup per cup because it depends on how much tea is used and how it’s prepared. Tea also has an additional chemical compound (L-theanine) which slows the absorption of caffeine. That means you experience more gradual stimulation than the sudden ups and downs of coffee.

Why don’t you offer decaf tea?

Decaffeinated tea just isn’t natural. The decaffeination process has byproducts that we don’t want our customers to ingest. That’s why we created our Herbal Teas, which are naturally caffeine free because they contain no tea plant (camellia sinensis).

My favorite tea is sold out. What happened?

Some of our teas are produced in limited edition, small batches. Because tastes and trends also change over time, we try to keep things fresh and exciting. We're always testing out new flavors to see what we hope will become a modern classic. Our best-selling teas will be available on a permanent basis. If you would like to see your favorite tea reissued, write to us at We can't promise that we'll bring back every tea, but your feedback helps us make decisions.

Why do you use flavoring?

Most of the flavor in our teas comes from unique, flavorful tea and natural whole ingredients. Flavoring, usually natural essences and essential oils, is added to achieve the perfect balance of aroma and flavor. Think of how a chef starts with great ingredients and adds seasoning. Flavoring constitutes less than .001% of a finished cup of tea. Flavoring never includes calories, carbs, sweeteners or allergens. We also offer a totally unflavored tea in our Single Origin category category for those who prefer pure tea. 

Are your teas pesticide-free?

Because our tea is produced in Germany, it complies with strict European Union standards of agricultural toxins, including pesticides. In most cases, the EU is less tolerant of pesticides. The American FDA allows for higher levels of pesticide and for more than half of pesticides, there are no FDA restrictions whatsoever. Here's a link to detailed information about the differences between US and EU pesticide control.

Are your teas organic?

Our priority is to make the most naturally delicious tea blends. When one of our blends can be produced with 100% organic ingredients, we do it.

Where can I find information about allergens?

Each tea package and respective web page clearly displays all ingredients and allergen information. Some of our teas are not gluten free, and some contain nuts and dairy. We clearly label all ingredients in our tea. Our tea is packed in a facility that processes nuts, tree fruit, dairy and gluten.

How long will teas last?

When stored properly in a dark, cool place and inside an airtight container, tea can taste good for up to two years after opening. 

What does Best By date mean?

Our tea is most flavorful before this date. But because tea is non-perishable, it does not go bad or expire.

How long will my order take to ship?

Orders usually arrive 3 - 7 days from order confirmation. Please write to us at for any questions about your order.