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  • Low Country
    strong black tea with bourbon and burnt sugar notes
  • Passage
    rich black tea with hazelnut and chocolate
  • Combray
    creamy organic green tea with vanilla and cardamom
  • Painted Desert
    crisp black tea with chili and chocolate
  • Jet Black
    rich black tea with roasted mate and espresso bean
  • Dark Iris
    rich oolong with peach, pistachio and lime
  • Metropolitan
    vibrant black tea with bergamot, plum and clove
  • Biarritz
    velvety rooibos with amaretto and orange blossom
  • Black Metallic
    floral black tea with violet and elderberry notes
  • Cabaret
    malty black tea with chocolate and dark cherry

Each sample makes 4 cups of tea (14g).
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