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The Film Behind the Tea: Breathless


French gangsters, a goofball anti-hero, and a pretty American in Paris are the main ingredients in Jean-Luc Godard's 1960 New Wave masterpiece Breathless (À Bout de Souffle). The passing of French cinematic legend, Jean-Paul Belmondo, earlier this week has us reminiscing about the Parisian art and sensuality that inspired our black tea blend, Breathless. Click here for the NY Times and Guardian tributes to Belmondo.

We created this velvety black tea as an interpretation of our favorite ice cream flavor - Agenaise, armagnac-soaked prune and vanilla - from the inimitable ice creamery Bertillon. Our Breathless tea nods to Gina's life in Paris as a student (and later professor) of French where she spent as much time exploring Parisian delicacies and film as she did poring over French literature and history. 

Click the image below to watch 3 reasons why you should watch Breathless.

3 Reasons: Breathless
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Silky black tea with white chocolate and brandied prune notes

Tastes Like:
armagnac, prune, dark cherry, whipped cream

Feels Like: 
the french new wave


I love my black tea and have tried (and love) several August Teas, and this one TAKES THE CAKE! I drink two cups a day and have to cut myself off at some point. The scent is intoxicating and the flavor is amazing. I recently snuck away to a hotel for a night alone (after a year of parenting in pandemic) and I packed my loose tea, steeper, a thermos of milk, and my own mug so I could enjoy my tea in the soaking tub. Pure heaven.”

— Nashira on Days of Heaven

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