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The Music Behind the Tea: Dots and Loops

Stereolab's 1997 album Dots & Loops might be the most August album. We named our tea blend after this LP because it evokes the effervescent flavor of apple with an unexpected twist of fennel and clove. It's a classic with new energy and vibrance.

Stereolab effortlessly fuses the hypnotic style of Krautrock bands such as Neu! and Can with the lyrical sophistication of 1960s chanson française.

August founders Gina and Aaron have a love for Stereolab that goes beyond their music. The band also represents a cultural moment from their time in Chicago. Aaron and Gina spent countless evenings at the legendary Rainbo Club, where you would rub elbows with Stereolab members and collaborators.


Stereolab, live on Jools Holland performs Les Yper Sound

Stereolab live on Jools Holland playing Les Yper Sound


Listen to the full Dots and Loops album on Youtube or Spotify.


Check out this 1991 interview with Stereolab from Melody Maker.




We hope you enjoy listening to the music that inspired this tea.