Malty black tea with chocolate and dark cherry

Rich and luxurious from the start, the aroma of warm chocolate cake emerging from the oven fills your nose. Close your eyes to imagine the warm wooden, gilded interior of a café in Turn-of-the-Century Vienna. On its own, this tea is a strong, malty black tea with hints of cherry weaves around the layers of dark chocolate. A touch of milk softens the tannins and brings out the fruity sweetness of cherry. An excellent choice for breakfast or afternoon with cake, or anytime you need a chocolate fix. A tea for chocolate lovers and black forest cake fans.

INGREDIENTS: indian assam black tea, cacao shells, german barley malt, german dark chocolate pieces, morello cherry, natural flavoring
contains gluten and soy lecithin

TASTES LIKE: bittersweet cocoa, chocolate cake, brandied cherry
FEELS LIKE: the vienna secession


Net weight: 14g 4 cup deluxe sample  •  50g 15 cup bag  •  100g 28 cup tin  •  250g 70 cup bag

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