Painted Desert - crisp black tea with chili and chocolate

Tastes Like: dried pasilla chili, mexican cinnamon, cacao
Feels Like: soft warm mahogany

Tart tannins jump across the tongue in the first sip. Earthy, dark spices balance a gripping finish. Sweet cinnamon, smoky chili, and salty chocolate notes rise and fall with the steadiness of a piano scale. A touch of milk adds a sweet creaminess. Unfurling pinks, oranges and reds of the sun sinking into the New Mexican horizon.

Ingredients: ceylon black tea, cocoa husk, cinnamon, chili, safflower petals, flavoring

100g bag = 29 cups of tea
350g magnum = 100 cups of tea
14g deluxe sample = 4 cups of tea
This is a GOURMAND blend
Taste matters. Brew with a one-cup infuser for excellent tasting tea.
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