Aromatic green tea with orange and vanilla

This woodsy, vanilla tea evokes a sultry, warm atmosphere of the hammam. It has a luxurious aroma of sandalwood incense from jatoba wood, a citrus sweetness of dried orange and grassy base of green tea. Vanilla pieces add a whisper of sweetness in the finish. Fans of Middle Eastern and North African cuisine will love it. Try it over a scoop of vanilla ice cream for a dreamy creamsicle flavor.

INGREDIENTS: chinese sencha green tea, yunnan green tea, brazilian jatoba wood, turkish orange, madagascar vanilla, flavoring, lemongrass

TASTES LIKE: sandalwood incense, spiced orange, vanilla
FEELS LIKE:  wandering the moroccan medina


Net weight: 14g deluxe sample  •  50g 15 cup bag  •  90g 26 cup tin  •  250g 70 cup bag

Drinks With Arabesque

Arabesque Green Tea Toddy

Arabesque Green Tea Dreamsicle Ice Cream Float

Arabesque Green Tea Margarita

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