Capri - honeydew melon fruit tea with mint. caffeine free.

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Tastes Like: honeydew melon, wildflower honey, peppermint
Feels Like: sunbathing on a sailboat

We’re excited to present our first fruit tea. Throughout Europe, teas made of dried fruit are well loved yet have been missing from American tea culture until now. Capri is a flavorful, cooling blend of fruits and peppermint, with a rich honeydew melon flavor. When it’s iced, it’s the perfect beverage for a hot day. Hot, it’s excellent after dinner or to wind down the day.

For lovers of mint and sweet summer melon.

Ingredients: turkish apple, rosehip shells, peppermint, thai pineapple, melon pieces, pear pieces, flavoring

110g tin makes 31 cups of tea
14g deluxe sample make 4 cups of tea

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