Smoky vanilla black tea

Tastes Like: vanilla custard, shortbread cookie, burnt toast
Feels Like: morning in a grand hotel

Our version of English Breakfast has exquisite Assam and Ceylon black teas with smoky lapsang souchong and vanilla bean. The aroma of warm vanilla custard fills your nose from the first sip of this velvety tea. Next, there's a pleasantly tannic bite with a gentle smokiness of ever-so-slightly burnt toast. Finally, the vanilla flavor returns as an intense note of freshly scraped vanilla bean. This delicate smoky vanilla flavor lingers. It’s made to be enjoyed with milk, but if you appreciate smoke, we suggest drinking it black. This tea will make you get out of bed.
A tea for lovers of malty sweet teas.

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    • All Natural
    • Gluten Free
    • Vegan
    • Non GMO

    assam black tea, ceylon black tea, vanilla pieces, formosa lapsang souchong black tea, natural vanilla flavoring

    Net weights
    4 cup deluxe sample: 14g
    15 cup bag: 50g
    28 cup tin: 100g
    70 cup bag: 250g
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