Everything you’ve always wanted to know about tea but were afraid to ask.

Improve your brew

Maybe you're new to tea, maybe you've brewed it your whole life. There are so many different ways to make tea, all with their own logic and rituals. At August, what matter to us most is flavor. No matter what your ritual is, we want to help you get the best flavor out of any tea.

Click on the links below to read about different parts of tea preparation. We'll consider how each factor affects flavor, and give you tips on how to control them.

Water Type
Water Temperature
Tea to Water Ratio
Infuser Type
Infusion Time

Our instructions to brewing tea are just a starting point. Everyone's taste is unique: Some like tea so strong it can peel paint. Others like their tea mild. We encourage you to play with the variables in brewing tea so you can make your tea tastes just how you like it, every time. 

How do you brew?

We love hearing about your tea rituals, brewing techniques and experiences. Share your stories and tips with us at hello@august.la Got photos or videos of how you brew? Tag us with @AugustUncommon on Instagram.

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August Uncommon Tea - June 15, 2020

Hi Cybele,
Our tea bags are made of plant-based soilon mesh. Thank you!

Cybele JohnSon - June 15, 2020

Can you please tell me about the composition of your tea bags, plastic derivatives and environmental questions?

Andrea Miller - June 15, 2020

Do you have any type of sampler pack for new customers

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