Low Country


Strong black tea with bourbon and burnt sugar notes

This tea has the ostentatious warmth of a Southern drawl. It's got robust body and character to match. In the first sip, the chewiness of burnt sugar mingles with the dark, rich flavor of buttery buckwheat hotcakes and finally, a latent chicory note. A drop of milk adds a whisper of bourbon. This is a fantastic morning tea to rival an English breakfast. Its potent charm ambles all the livelong day.

Recommended for coffee lovers and whisky drinkers.

INGREDIENTS: black tea, taiwanese lapsang souchoung black tea, barley malt, flavoring


TASTES LIKE: burnt sugar, buckwheat, chicory, bourbon
FEELS LIKE: the forward familiarity of the south


Net weight: 14g deluxe sample  •  50g 15 cup bag  •  100g 28 cup tin  •  250g 70 cup bag

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