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The best Arnold Palmer you’ve ever tasted

TLDR: Try this irresistible spin on the classic combo of iced lemonade and black tea.

low country arnold palmer


I confess, I’m not the biggest iced tea drinker. But when the summer sun blazes, I need a cool Arnold Palmer, tart, sweet, and ice cold.

In the ten years that I’ve been conjuring up tea drinks for August, I’d never tried our top-selling Low Country black tea in an Arnold Palmer. Last weekend, I gave it a try.

I took one sip and had to catch my breath.

The flavor was pure bliss. Lemonade made the rich bourbon burnt sugar notes of Low Country sing. I laughed at how long it took me to make this simply delicious discovery. It’s just that good.

Since that first sip, I’ve been fixated on this drink. I shared it with the August team today and was thrilled to see the surprised expressions of pure joy. This may be the best Arnold Palmer ever. Rich, sweet, complex, and most of all refreshing.

Do yourself, and your friends, a favor and brew up a batch of iced Low Country Arnold Palmers.

Gina Zupsich
Head blender – August Uncommon


Low Country Arnold Palmer Recipe

Makes one 12oz serving
Prep time: 10-15 minutes

  • Infuse 1 tea bag or 1 tablespoon (3.5g) of Low Country tea in ~ 3 ounces 212°F water. Use just enough water to fully cover the tea.
  • Infuse for 5 minutes, covered.
  • Remove tea leaves and add ~7 oz cold water.
  • Fill a glass with ice
  • Fill 1/3 - 1/2 full with lemonade. We like Simply Lemonade.
  • Slowly pour the cool tea over a spoon to float it on top of the lemonade
  • Add a dainty splash of lemonade just on the surface for a flavor burst
  • Add a straw and enjoy!


→ Teas in this recipe: Low Country

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