Civil Disobedience


Smoky black tea with cardamom

Tastes Like: pine needles, cardamom skin, maple sap, fire logs
Feels Like: fireside after a winter walk

Get lost in billows of smoke and fireside conversation. This layered tea opens with the flavor of conifers and deep tannins. The astringency of cardamom pod cuts through the aroma of silky pipe tobacco and allspice. The flavor curls and shifts between burning wood, wet earth, and lingering maple.

The Story Behind the Tea

This blend was inspired by childhood winters in New Hampshire with my late father: the glorious scent of pine and maple in the January maple harvest season. My father was a great admirer of Thoreau whose Walden is perhaps the most famous celebration of New England wilderness. I found the name Civil Disobedience (after Thoreau's essay) suitably bold, iconoclastic and evocative of the New England scentscape. — Gina, cofounder

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