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What’s your sleepytime tea?

The Sleepytime tea I grew up with is a flavor I can still conjure up. While I haven’t had it in years, I remember vividly its cooling mint aftertaste. I still enjoy mint teas, which you know if you’ve tried Cocteau or Capri.
As a tea blender, I have discovered that I have many different sleepytime moods. Mint is a flavor I seem to prefer in the warmer months. In the spring, I lean towards florals like verbena, the star ingredient in Days of Heaven.
Fall is obviously time for Psychocandy pumpkin rooibos. My bedtime wind-down tea is clearly influenced by season and weather. 
So what about winter sleepytime tea? The chilly rainy winters here in Southern California make me crave sweet subtle spices, and rich malty, cookie-like flavors at night. 
Lately, I’ve been craving Silent Night for its nutmeg rooibos richness. I also really enjoy Cult of Demeter for its buttery mild anise flavors, reminiscent of biscotti. When it’s very cold, I brew these extra strong, infusing for 10 minutes instead of 5. Without tea leaves, they don’t get bitter in long infusions. Then I add milk and honey.
Although I originally designed it for daytime, so many of you told me how much you love the nutty, cocoa flavor of Daybreak in the evening, I had to give it a try. And I agree; it’s is so good after a nice meal, getting cozy with a book under a wool blanket.
If you like to snuggle up with rich flavors before bedtime, try these teas. Why not add a bit of honey and your favorite milk or whipped cream? You won’t be sorry.
Head blender, August Uncommon 
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