Top 10 Sampler


Try our top 10 teas

Want to explore our blends but don't know where to begin? Grab this kit of our ten best-selling teas.

Includes ten 4-cup deluxe sample bags and a measuring scoop. 

  • Low Country
    strong black tea with bourbon and burnt sugar notes
  • Combray
    creamy organic green tea with vanilla and cardamom
  • Psychocandy
    darkly sweet rooibos with pumpkin and caramel
  • Dark Iris
    rich oolong with peach, pistachio and lime
  • Passage
    rich black tea with hazelnut and chocolate
  • Jet Black
    rich black tea with roasted mate and espresso bean
  • Metropolitan
    vibrant black tea with bergamot, plum and clove
  • Breathless
    silky black tea with white chocolate and brandied prune notes
  • Far Afield
    warming blend of sage, ginger and mandarin orange
  • Big Easy
    sweet green tea with lemongrass, pineapple and barley

Makes a total of 40 cups of tea.
Net weight 140 grams / 5 ounces. 

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