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When is that tea coming back? 🥺 Soon!

We've had lots of questions about our current stock levels. We're sorry to keep you waiting. Here's why we have been out of many of your favorite teas.

The bad news: There's a global shipping crisis right now.

While you may not have heard about it, right now every business that uses sea freight is dealing with massive inventory delays. This is due to a combination of unprecedented demand, a shortage of containersport congestion and other factors. Every dot in the picture below shows a container ship waiting to dock at the port of LA. 

The good news: We expect to be fully stocked by the end of the month.

We expect to receive more tea before the end of February. We have an absolutely massive shipment of tea that was expected to arrive at our HQ the week of February 1st. Unfortunately it was delayed by the global sea freight crisis.

But I need tea now! What do you have available now?

Glad you asked. Here are the teas we're well stocked on right now:

Black Teas:

Green Teas:

Herbal Teas:


This list isn't exhaustive. There's more on the site in limited quantities. 

If you haven't done so already, please sign up for an email notification for the teas you want so you don't have to keep checking the website.

Thank you so much for your patience and support. We can't wait to get your favorite teas shipped to you.

— Aaron and Gina
    August founders