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The best fake iced coffee we've ever had

TLDR: This adaptogenic iced latte has big coffee flavor, no caffeine, and is  naturally sweet.

daybreak fake iced coffee


One of the things I miss most about my coffee drinking days is iced coffee that made my summers sparkle. I loved the contrast of rich roasted creamy coffee over ice, like an adult milkshake. I've discovered a way to enjoy that nostalgic flavor without the jitters or caffeine crash. Our Daybreak adaptogenic grain blend makes the best iced coffee dupe we’ve ever had.

This iced coffee dupe will satisfy that coffee craving with bonus adaptogenic reishi mushrooms and no caffeine.

Its rich, naturally sweet roasted flavor comes alive with milk. A touch of sweetness intensifies the iced coffee vibe. Did we mention it’s got the super powers of reishi mushrooms? It does. Get ready for big coffee flavor that will actually soothe your stomach and satisfy your sweet tooth. This adaptogenic iced latte is a healthy, naturally caffeine-free treat that you can drink day or night.


Gina Zupsich
Head blender – August Uncommon


Daybreak Fake Iced Coffee Recipe

Makes one 10oz serving
Prep time: 10-15 minutes

  • Infuse 2 tablespoons (7g)Daybreak tea in ~ 3 ounces 212°F water. Use just enough water to fully cover the tea.
  • Infuse for 10 minutes, covered.
  • Remove infuser and add ~7 oz cold water.
  • Add 1tsp sugar or honey and stir to dissolve
  • Pour over ice into a glass
  • Add milk of choice
  • Enjoy!

→ Teas in this recipe: Daybreak

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