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This drink is sweet herbal effervescence. The soft vanilla chamomile aroma of Neon Forest green tea gets a lift with sparkling apple juice. This is a lightly sweet and refreshing herbaceous mocktail. If you want to give it some adult flair, substitute alcoholic apple cider or zubrowka bison grass vodka. Check out the recipe inside.
  • 1 min read

Watermelon candy anyone? This blend of green tea and watermelon juice is a gamer changer. Our Tropic of Capricorn dragonfruit melon green tea is sensational with watermelon juice. There is so much fruity depth in this drink that it's guaranteed to keep you smiling on those blistering hot days. Check out the recipe.

Get the island vacation flavor in an elegant alternative to plain iced tea or soda. This aromatic swizzle may taste complicated, but it’s a simple recipe that anyone can make.
Here’s a piña colada in disguise. It’s light and refreshing, yet packed with island flavor.

This float has all those tropical vibes in this super simple recipe. Coconut gelato gives our Big Easy green tea with pineapple and caramel the amazing creaminess of a frilly blender drink.

Our super aromatic Arabesque green tea with orange and vanilla makes a dynamite remix of the 80s classic cocktail, the Tequila Sunrise. This recipe is as easy as it is gorgeous.
Remember those hot days waiting for the ice cream truck to roll up? This is a grown-up version of that dreamy orange ice cream confection. Vanilla ice cream takes this bright orange, woodsy tea to seventh heaven.
An orange, vanilla tequila dream come true. Intense vanilla, orange, and a hint of grassy green tea turn the classic margarita into a sophisticated drink. Arabesque green tea gives depth and intrigue to summer’s most popular cocktail. Perfect for a fancy summer BBQ.
This intensely aromatic green tea toddy takes you right to an après-ski party. Its heady cardamom vanilla scent is complemented by warming rum.
  • 1 min read
This is a toddy like you've never had before by pairing aromatic green tea and armagnac with the classic Christmas flavor of spiced orange.
  • 1 min read

Green tea has amazing benefits. But why does green tea taste bad? It's not you, it's the tea. Learn how to make green tea taste good.