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Recipes and Tips

This drink conjures Balinese dreams. Our roasted oolong Eventide mellows the bitterness of porter beer, leaving sumptuously smooth, lightly effervescent toasted coconut flavor. It’s a rich and dreamy drink. 

Hoppy IPA is a perfect match for our Far Afield herbal blend of ginger, sage, and mandarin. This drink heightens the fruity tang of IPA with a lovely citrus twist. A hint of sage adds a refreshing herbal aroma.
Calling all peach lovers! Our most popular iced tea blend Dark Iris is the base for this outrageously fruity and effervescent drink. Oolong tea and pistachio add rich mouthfeel and depth to sweet peach beer.
Minty melon beer? Yes, you read that right. This shandy is wild and fabulous. Our Capri fruit tea with melon and peppermint transforms Duvel beer into a magical summer potion. 
The soft floral vibe of Days of Heaven herbal tea will bring life to your favorite beer. Here's an iced tea recipe that works magic on each type of beer: lager, weiss bier or IPA.
  • 1 min read
Fancy a fizzy, citrus cocktail with a hint of cherry? We swapped traditional shandy lemon soda for our cherry orange blossom rooibos tea and favorite wheat beer, Erdinger Weissbier. Half beer, half tea, the shandy is a low ABV drink to enjoy on the hottest days of summer.
Chocolate stout infuses this spicy black tea with darkly delicious effervescence. Painted Desert’s rich chocolate, chili and cinnamon notes are beautifully enhanced by the bittersweet velvet power of chocolate stout.
  • 1 min read
Iced tea and beer make a magical light summer drink. Our chocolate cherry black tea gets a summery flavor lift with the vibrant, fruity fizz of Samuel Smith’s Cherry Ale. Who knew a rich decadent tea could become the life of the party?
  • 1 min read
Fancy a sweet, fizzy pumpkin cocktail? The shandy is a refreshing summer drink, enjoyed all over Europe. It’s known as a radler in Germany, and in France as a panaché or a monaco with lemon soda and grenadine. We swapped traditional lemon soda for our caramel pumpkin rooibos tea and our favorite cream ale, Boddingtons Pub Ale.
  • 1 min read